I’m a fairly regular reader of Ms.____ ‘s articles on God and how she understands him (no gender intended) to be, and by referring and interpreting what the Bible says…well, what other folks (apostles) say about God…claiming to have a direct relationship with God. And those relationships are told in the Bible. These relationships are written (scriptures) and many of them make up the Bible.

Recently, she spoke of Hell…..’ Hell is real’. She cited many passages (scriptures) from the Bible to ‘prove’ there is a Hell.

I’d like to say that I have a direct relationship with the Lord too….and he’s never affirmed the existence of Hell as we are taught. Instead the Lord has revealed to me these understandings…that a forgiving God needs no Hell.

Hell ….is said to be a place of forever (eternal) torture and despair for those who break rules …live by their lusts and serve only themselves. Yet all these conditions can and will be forgiven. God knows man’s nature….he created it. He understands human nature. He appreciates that when He gave man free will….each person will exercise that will…labeled/judged as ‘good’ or ‘evil’ by society/religion. But, even like a loving parent whose son or daughter becomes a drug addict and neglects their children, steals from family and becomes imprisoned…..the parent forgives…so too does God. The parent understands.

I understand (revealed to me) this way…..if someone wanted to join a criminal gang and goes to it’s leader asking to join, the gang leader would likely say…..”Fine, let’s see if you are one of us, take this gun and rob that convenience store”. The person returns and says…”Here’s your gun…and here’s $500, I robbed that store”. The gang leader asks, “Did you shoot anyone?”. The person responds, “Yeah an old man and I guess his wife”. What is the gang leader gonna do? Most likely he’s gonna slap the person on the back and with criminal glee he’s gonna say….” Damn boy!…you’re one of us…keep the gun…I’m gonna let you run the drugs…you’ll get $2,000 a week tax free and take my BMW, I need a Mercedes”.

So….I show up at the gates of Hell and Satan meets me and asks, “ What you doin outside my door” and I tell him, “ I’ve cheated….I’ve lied…..I’ve stolen…I’ve hated….I got revenge..I’ve murdered”.What’s he gonna say and do? Most likely he would respond….” Damn boy you came to the right place…you’re one of mine…here you can continue your earthly life of covetousness…lies…brutality to others and serve your self….forever….Welcome!”

As ridiculous as that is… is the belief in the existence of Hell. Satan’s gonna forever punish ..torture…suffer …one of his own?? Where is the reward????

Heaven and Hell are concepts of reward/outcome according to prior behavior. If you have rules and are looking for and recognizing someone who follows those rules/path in life there is always a reward. How is it that Hell’s reward is further punishment…why would Satan punish those who follow him…that’s not only a stupid idea…even a gang leader would appear smarter then the all evil Mr. Satan. Wouldn’t happen. There are rewards to being evil just like there are rewards for being good. No one would pursue evil or good if there were no reward. Mere satisfaction is a reward.

As I said…as I’ve been revealed…a forgiving God needs no hell.


Nothing exists that’s not needed by something else…….that was the answer God gave me when I asked about the existence of Mr. Satan. It’s a spirit principle that can be applied to any question about the existence of something. So let’s consider MR. SATAN, DO I NEED HIM?

My life experience personally and what I know of others experience which is very similar when it comes to how we all seem to respond……if treated with abuse, ridicule, abandonment, persecution, bullying, confinement, threats, injustice, violence and lie………..we all become hurt and hurt can evolve to anger…and that can lead to rage and violence. Do I need Mr. Satan to do evil? Did Richard Damer read a book written by Satan as to how to deceive/drug/mutilate and sexually enjoy the corpses of young men?? Nah……he did it all on his own. We could too. It’s within the capacity of our human nature just as it is to do the most evil deeds….mankind has proven that. We alone are responsible for whatever we do.

Consider chairs. Why are there chairs? Somewhere along man’s experience in the world he decided he didn’t want to stand all day, or sit on a log and be impaled by a splinter of wood or sit on the ground and get his pants dirty or wet…….so he created a chair. They exist because we need them. They would not exist otherwise.

Another side point……..spirit only deals with what’s real….the truth. Not fantasy. Mr. Satan is as much fantasy as Santa Claus, Batman and the proverbial BOOGIE MAN.