Welcome……..you’ve reached the website that supports and guides you to establish a direct, personal and confidential relationship with the Creator of this world otherwise referred to as God. The Founder of this website stepped out of the world for two (2) years and embarked on a direct/private relationship with God. He had been raised in a religion and discovered the difference when he began talking to God directly in the silence and comfort of his home. He refers to himself as a Walker since he’s chosen to walk the loving way….the way of Yeshua (Jesus)….and the way of spirit. It’s not a religion of laws and rules. It’s a path toward being reborn in spirit as Yeshua directs us. Once reborn or re-engaged with spirit you are led by spirit.

Human (me) + Spirit (me) = Me

Your human nature and spirit nature comprise who you are. Human nature comes with the body. Spirit nature arrived when the body took its’ first breath. As human (me) develops through a maturation process your dependence on its’ nature increases. That means as you learn and experience what life has to offer you depend on: your thoughts/analysis……..your beliefs……..your feelings….and then you decide what to do. Most of the time we find ourselves reacting to what’s going on around us. In other words you depend upon the nature and abilities of your human nature more and more. Why?…to assure your survival. Human (me) has really only one interest and that’s in itself…to live another day…to have shelter….to eat…to be safe. Religion calls it sin to have self-interest, yet all living animals and plants pursue life the same way. We are made perfect for survival in this world as is all life.

A Walker ……..views human nature as limited not sinful.

Has a personal,confidential, direct relationship with God.

Is reborn in spirit.

Lives a spirit led life by his/her relationship to the Supreme Spirit – God.

Follows principles taught by God.

Has a profound love/appreciation for all creation.

Respects and values his/her human (me) but does not depend on it.

Suffers less…loses nothing.

Enjoys peace and contentment every day as that is the nature of spirit.

Has a relationship with God based on mutual agreement (like spirits endeavor together).

Recognizes that God’s messages can be immediate and customized to his/her personality.

At this website we will guide and support your intent to discover who God is – on your own. A membership is available for those who may encounter obstacles to such a pursuit. But you don’t need the Founder or anyone else to go to God. All you need is your time and willingness to try him out. The Founder took the approach…..”well God if you created the world you should be able to talk to me…if I find out you’re not there, then I’ll get off my knees and carry on as I have before”.

Visiting our FAQ section may help inform you further of where the Founder is coming from. He’s lived a spirit seeking/God led life for thirty-nine (39) years. He can share what spirit is all about and how that allows you to connect to God directly. No book….no person….between you and God.

………..it’s the best way to live as a human……….

P.S. The Founder doesn’t pray publicly (aloud)……too personal.